How to play and win rummy online for real money

 A lot of Indian gamblers play rummy online for money and this is a way to make a popular card game even more exciting for a player. Whether you’ve played rummy before or not, this guide to playing rummy online for money will help you become a better rummy player.

What is rummy?

Rummy is a card game played all over the world, where the idea is generally to make three or four of a kind and runs (eg. A, 2, 3, 4) of the same suit. Players are generally dealt seven cards and must make one hand of three and one of four – or one of seven if the cards are especially kind.

What is rummy?

Players take it in turns to pick a card from the closed deck or the top card in the discarded pile which is face up.

The game is a firm family favourite, but when it comes to playing rummy online for money, the game is a different beast altogether.


Online rummy rules

Rather than the seven cards you might be used to, the popular online game of Indian 13 gives each play 13 cards, as the name suggests. It is a game for 2 to 6 players and if you’re thinking that there aren’t enough cards to go around, you’re right. That’s why Indian 13 is a multi-deck fame. Two or more decks of standard playing cards are used, and the jokers are included. Jokers are wild and replace any other card to form a winning sequence

The rules are the same regarding runs and sets, but there are strict rules regarding the two first sets of cards you play. Being a 13 card game, it is only possible to have one set of four cards and three of three. The first hand you play must be ‘pure’ which means it cannot contain a joker and one of the first two hands must be your hand of four. Other than that it is a very similar game.

Because of the multiple deck situation there will be two or more of the same card. It is not permitted to form a three or four of a kind with two or more of the same card. For example 8 of diamonds, 8 of clubs and 8 of spades is an acceptable three of a kind, but 8 of diamonds and two 8s of spades is not.

Online rummy rules

There is an open and closed deck, the open being the discarded pile which is face up and players take it in turns clockwise to choose a card from either. They either keep the card they pick up and discard one from their hand or discard the picked up card, so they have 13 cards in their hand (or the correct amount depending on whether a player has laid out any hands in the game yet).

As soon as a player has laid out all of their 13 cards in acceptable sets, they are the winner.

There are also longer games and tournaments where one hand of rummy doesn’t end the game. In these games the winner is the first player to reach an agreed point sum. This is done by losing players revealing their cards and then adding the values together. In rummy, despite being available to use as high or low, an Ace is just one point. Picture cards are all 10 points and every other card scores at face value. The eventual winner will reach the predetermined amount of points first – 100 is usual, but games of up to 200 points or more are not uncommon.


Play rummy online for money

Playing rummy online for money is far less risky than some other casino card games. Firstly you just pay one stake to start the game. There are no rounds of betting and there is no calling or raising, so you know at all times how much you are spending and, based on the number of players t a table, how much you can win.

Play rummy online for money

Rummy is classed as a game of skill in India and even though you are playing for money it is not classed as gambling and so is completely legal in the country.

While the law states that it is not gambling, it is still risking money and we have some important tips for anyone who wants to play rummy online for money. Firstly and most importantly you should never ever play with money you can’t afford to lose. Going over your playing budget and hoping for a big win or aggressively chasing your losses has never made anyone rich and it should be avoided. You should also ensure you have the correct temperament. Playing after an argument with a loved one or if you’re preoccupied with thoughts of work is not a good idea, and playing whilst drunk or intoxicated is a definite no-no.

Sometimes the cards are just not with you and you will want to fold and sometimes you could play a great number of hands in a go without winning. Any successful gambler will tell you that luck, while it is a peculiar construct, does play a part. Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re not. If you’re having an unlucky session then you should walk away from playing.

Play rummy online for money

How you stake is important. Don’t race into high stakes games if you’re inexperienced. You may wish to increase stakes depending on how it goes and you can always find a game where you can stake a little bit more if you wish. It is not recommended to follow any kind of doubling up strategy, such as is common in blackjack, when playing online rummy.

Now that you know about how to play rummy online for money you might want to give it a go. Remember, most Indian rummy sites will allow you to practice a game for free, so you can learn how the game works even better before you invest any money in the game.

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