How to win in blackjack easily

To win relatively easily in this fun and profitable game, it is necessary to adopt a basic blackjack strategy which, it is fair to say, is not very different from the one that the players must implement when they play in the casinos that they find in the streets of the cities, so we’re going to teach our readers a unified strategy for all the ways to play it. But, in addition to the strategy, it requires certain skills and abilities to win.


The different rules that we must follow to win in this great game

To start, let’s say that at present, the dealers of online casinos participate in real time as if it were a “physical casino”. Thus, we must take into account the card discovered by the dealer and, also, our hand, to obtain the greatest benefit, in the medium and long-term, in blackjack.

During a game of the blackjack, the most important decision a player can make is to know what is the ideal time to ask for the card or, well, to stand up?. However, success for the player lies in knowing when he must double the bet or, if he prefers, to separate a hand. Based on the above premises, pertaining to the blackjack strategy, we must determine a classification of the dealer’s card, as follows:

games blackjack value

1. The weak card: it is a card with a value of 2 to 6 and, very especially, 5 and also 6. It is weak, since the odds of the croupier being passed when the card he discovered has a value between 2 and 6, are in a percentage of 35%, for which reason we will have more than 40% for the letters with values ​​of 5 or 6.

2. The strong card: this time, it is a letter from 7 to the Ace. In these cases, the dealer has a 35% to obtain a hand that would be, practically, winning, that is, a hand with a value of 17 to 20.

The strong cards Blackjack


The “strength-weakness” relationship is the main foundation of this basic strategy

We refer, more specifically, to the “strength-weakness” relationship between the card uncovered by the croupier and the player’s hand. The logic (mathematical) of this blackjack strategy is the following: Stand with a hand that has hard cards and that is greater than 12. But, this has one exception: with 12, the player must ask for a card, as long as the croupier’s card is a 2 or a 3. Thus things, let’s say that standing with a hand of hard cards that is greater than 12, when the croupier’s card is weak (from 2 to 6), is a very good strategy, given that we are waiting for the croupier to pass.

2. Planting when you have a hand that is, practically, a winner, is the best the player can do. However, it is necessary to clarify that a winning hand is a hand from 17 to 20, so it would be too risky to ask for cards.

3. A letter must be requested, although most of the time the result is to go beyond the limit of blackjack, with a hand of hard cards (as long as it is not a hand with great chances of winning, that is, from 17 to 20 ), when the croupier has a strong card (from 7 to Ace). In this case it is necessary for the player to try to improve the hand’s score, since there is a good chance that the dealer will get a fairly good score.